Eva Longoria Says Recent Weight Gain For Role, Not Because She’s Pregnant

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Eva Longoria

Longoria started dating Tyler Christopher, best known for his time spent as a cast member on General Hospital. The two would rush into marriage, eloping on January 20, in Las Vegas. Their relationship would make it only one day short of two years and end in divorce on January 19, Despite how brief their fling was, the breakup apparently hit Chavez hard enough as he admitted that she likely influenced at least one breakup song.

Meanwhile, things with Parker got more serious until the two got engaged in November of , culminating in marriage on July 6, in romantic Paris, France. Things would be fine for three whole years until November , when Longoria suddenly filed for divorce from her husband.

Apr 21,  · Well, that was swift and ruthless! After only two episodes, Eva Longoria‘s NBC dating show Ready for Love has been canceled AND pulled from .

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The series, from executive producer Eva Longoria “Desperate Housewives” , UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, Renegade 83 and Universal Television, will give three successful and handsome men who are committed to finding the right woman the chance of finding their soul mate. Giuliana and Bill Rancic will host the series where three matchmakers will help the men find their perfect mates.

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Eva Longoria has spoken about her wedding day earlier this month, revealing that her close friend Victoria Beckham designed her dress “with love”.. The 41 year old ‘Desperate Housewives.

Legacy co-creator Evan Katz, which has received a script commitment plus penalty. Fox The untitled LA Women project, written by Fox, centers on longtime friends Reza, June, Amelia, and Indie who have climbed to the top of the Hollywood ladder together as a lawyer, an actress, a writer-producer, and an entrepreneur. Each of them has made significant sacrifices to get where they are.

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Longoria also recently teamed with another former Desperate Housewives writer, David Schulner, for immigrant drama Lucky Boy, with Nisha Ganatra directing. Unbelievable also is in post on a documentary feature at Netflix with Lincoln Square Productions slated for a release.

CelebTV Latino – Eva Longoria Dating Ready for Love Contestant?

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Eva Longoria is grieving for the loss of her pet dog, Jinxy, who passed away in her arms last Thursday night.

Eva Longoria has revealed that she is dating Ernesto Arguello, a Miami-based philanthropist and entrepreneur hailing from Texas like Longoria herself. Media reports swirled months ago that the two had something romantic in the works, but the pair were, in fact, just friends until recently when they began to wonder of the media could see something they hadn’t yet discovered for themselves!

Now, the pair is traveling together and appears to be a terrific match. While the handsome Honduran chose a former Miss USA to be his romantic paramour, the relationship ran its course back in Having begun their friendship during the filming of the show, the pair decided that there was more to their relationship than just friendship and began seeing each other just recently.

The media may have noticed sparks three months ago before the pair began dating and, perhaps, interested fans caught news of the suspicions on Satellite TV ; however, their love appears to be quite new and, delightfully, based on a friendship they’ve cultivated for many months now. Their divorce was finalized in Longoria was also married to Tyler Christopher, a Young and the Restless co-star who appeared with Longoria during her stint with the show from Longoria’s fan base has following Longoria in the course of her relationships and many believe she has finally met her match as both share a similar cultural heritage, religion, and commitment to philanthropy.

Ernesto Arguello Along with his brother, Arguello began an organization responsible for building homes and community buildings in impoverished areas. His family hails from Honduras and many projects center there. In fact, he and Longoria recently traveled to Honduras together to meet with Arguellos’s family and check on the status of recent building projects.

Arguello’s organization has built schools and homes for people without them in Honduras.

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Well, it turns out that at least one of them may have: Ernesto Anguello, the one who wasn’t a rock “star” or a doctor, is now dating Eva Longoria. How ever did a humble philanthropist happen to cross paths with a glamorous former TV star? If things don’t work out with Anguello, she won’t have a hard time going on to the next one. Here’s a list of the man-trapping cons Longoria has ready to deploy.

Create a reality show about men trying to find wives; get it cancelled; start dating the best-looking guy.

Dec 25,  · Eva Longoria is rockin’ around the Christmas tree, baby bump in tow! The year-old actress recently confirmed her pregnancy, but was yet to debut a full-on baby bump pic, until her friend.

She wears a 32 B. Her Body Measurements Her body measurements are Height 5 feet 2 inches or centimeters Current Weight pounds or 48 kilograms Boyfriends and Spouses Tyler Christopher At the time, Christopher was an actor in the television show, General Hospital. They were married for one day short of two years and divorced on January 19 of By November of , the couple became engaged.

They married at city hall in Paris on July 6 of On November 17 of , she filed for divorce and the separation was finalized on January 28 of In February of , Longoria began dating Eduardo Cruz. Eduardo is known for his work as a inger in Spain. They were seen together for a while, and they had a strong relationship despite Longoria being ten years older than him.

Eva Longoria Is No Longer Ready For Love! NBC Cancels Dating Series After TWO Episodes!

He converses with her in Spanish as if the two have known each other for ages. That’s why people come here. It’s not to rape and pillage our social systems. The native Texan rattles off facts and figures about migrant workers and education among Latinos like a seasoned pro, demonstrating a passion that’s clearly informed her latest film role.

[via press release from nbc] nbc announces new dating series “ready for love” from executive producer eva longoria with hosts giuliana and bill rancic set to premiere in winter

Longoria September 3rd, – 5: She admits that she has to “force” herself Longoria to relaunch her Las Vegas restaurant September 2nd, – 5: The actress had temporarily closed the Beso eatery and Longoria borrows clothes from Victoria August 29th, – 2: The year-old also feels that she and Victoria are like The year-old who plays the

Eva Longoria shows passion for acting, activism and philanthropy

Eva Longoria Actress and activist Eva Longoria has been busy since the end of Desperate Housewives , and she caught up with The View to dish about her latest projects, including new dating show Ready For Love. She said that it was a grueling schedule, but she had a lot of fun. She said her favorite part was talking with all the volunteers who were part of the campaign all across the country.

Eva Longoria refuses to let the cancellation of her dating series Ready for Love bring her down. The year-old seemed in high spirits as she stepped out for lunch at Cafe Med in West Hollywood.

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