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How can you tell the age of a piece of furniture? This is a big topic to tackle and it will not be possible to cover many details in this short column. To determine age, consider the form and function, tool marks, construction techniques, and materials used in the furniture. Check for evidence of age. Is it a coffee table or king-size bed? They appeared in the s. Windsor chairs were not around before the Queen Anne period. Game or card tables did not exist in great numbers until the end of the 17th Century.

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George Cabinet by William Morris St. George Cabinet, William Morris, England, – The painted scenes are from the legend of St George and the Dragon and include Morris and his wife amongst the characters depicted. The highly decorated St. George’s Cabinet demonstrates Morris’ love of romance.

History does not record who it was, but the incredible results of that inspirational moment are all around us – in the houses we live in, the bridges we cross, the furniture we sit on. Nails have been around for a long time. As soon as man discovered that heating iron ore could form metal, the ideas for shaping it quickly followed.

Any sizeable Roman fortress would have its ‘fabrica’ or workshop where the blacksmiths would fashion the metal items needed by the army. They left behind 7 tons of nails at the fortress of Inchtuthil in Perthshire. For nail making, iron ore was heated with carbon to form a dense spongy mass of metal which was then fashioned into the shape of square rods and left to cool.

The metal produced was wrought iron.

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A bit of research about the origins of the item can help you date it easily. Read on to learn how to date antique furniture. Speak to family members about the provenance, or history, of your antique furniture if you have inherited it. Determine how many generations back you can track the item, which will give you an approximate time period with which to start.

How are antique doorbells installed? What is “antique” hardware? An antique, according to the federal government United States Customs is an item over years old. For the purposes of dating antique hardware we typically rely on the date of an antique hardware catalogue which shows the item or, in some instances, the age of the building it was removed from. There are as many definitions of “vintage” as there are queries.

Within this web site I consider an item as vintage if it is over 50 years old. Test with a magnet! A magnet will not stick to brass, bronze, copper, zinc, pewter, gold or silver.. It will stick to iron or steel. There are more metal types but those are the ones most used for antique and vintage hardware. It’s usually very hard to tell the difference but, in general, brass will have a yellow color and bronze will have a more rose color.

The year it was made can also give a good indication of which is which.

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Aesthetic Movement Bedroom Suite C. Incredible five-piece monster-sized Aesthetic Movement bedroom suite circa This set is the best of the best! The quality and mass is second to none! All of the original solid brass pulls are dated March 6, It has the best aesthetic incised carving that I have ever seen. Nice turnings with other great carvings and fancy capitals on top of columns.

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Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks What are Antique Marks? Exactly what are antique marks and china marks. What can they tell you? Watching the experts at antique roadshows or on auction house valuation days, you probably wonder just how they get so much information about a teacup, vase or a piece of silver simply by turning the item upside down.

No one needs to be an expert to buy an antique chair, but knowing its place in history may make you appreciate it all the more. A Brief History Of Chairs Once upon a time chairs were reserved for nobility; it was the influential and wealthy that sat upon them. Kings and Lords and those highly regarded in the Church were awarded the privilege, whilst those of a lesser class sat on benches and stools.

Originally antique chairs were beautifully crafted out of wood, durable and strong, they lasted a lifetime and beyond. Chairs have been in existence since records began. In BC, the Greeks were making square seats with a bar back, embellished with sphinxes.

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For example, a marble and inlaid semi-precious stone table from about to sold at Sotheby’s for 3, , British pounds in This was a very fine and rare example, but being four centuries old increased its value significantly. While you aren’t likely to find something as old as this table in your local antique shop, you will encounter examples dating back to the s and s if you look carefully. Tables from the Victorian era are common, though still valuable.

Balconies with wrought-iron railings, or Renaissance balustrading Balustrades concealing the roof-scape Interior decoration[ edit ] Government House, Melbourne. The Hall decorated in 19th-century Italianate style. In interior decoration there were direct parallels to “Italianate” architecture with free re-combinations of decorative features drawn from Italian 16th-century architecture and objects, which were applied to purely 19th century forms. Wardrobes and dressers could be dressed in Italianate detailing as well as row houses.

In he published Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery and other Details which was very influential in Britain and later in the United States, where the book was published in Although the archaeology of Mr. Eastlake’s volume was always careful, most of the principles in it are beyond question, and can be generally stated in a few words. The furniture that he thus proposed has straight, strong, squarely cut members equal to their intention.

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