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Nerd Nite Speed-Dating– Back Bar at the North Door!

He is an award-winning journalist who has been reporting on the environment and energy since —long enough to be cynical but not long enough to be depressed. He currently lives with his wife, daughter, and son near a Superfund site in Brooklyn. Brendan Gibbons covers the environment and water for the Rivard Report, an independent nonprofit newsroom in San Antonio.

He previously covered the environment for a daily newspaper in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the San Antonio Express-News.

Nerd Nite speed dating is a rare and special event, like ball lightning! Here’s the deal: $15 gets you a drink (or a bisciut sundae, if you take more after my own heart), and more three-minute dates than most of us have been on in our lives, all in one compact evening.

Going to mpc attempting to acquire a degree Natalia Kaufman: In 90 degree heat at Florida Atlantic University playing softball and majoring in elementary education Josh Fuller: University of Hawaii Hilo Nolan ravioli Hook: Northern Arizona University Mary Grebing: Cornell University Natasha Hunt: Well since Lehigh University semester two ends at the beginning of May, I will right back here. Rain central Seattle Luca Lauritzen: In college Kyla Rubalcava: College and prospering Mei Bailey: Hartnell playing soccer duh Victoria Teskey: MPC lobosgang Coleman Taormina: Marist college in NY Gavin James: I will be attending Sonoma State Tyler Poppino:

Nerd Nite 89: Sex Strikes Back

Want to meet someone smart and fun? How about up to five smart and fun people? If that sounds good to you, then you should come and check out Nerd Nite Speed-Dating! You can buy tickets at buytickets. If you are on the waiting list for this event, be sure to jump down to the bottom of this message for some special information.

I had a small thing removed from my ear by the omstead medical group in Rochester minnesota,it caused headaches,vision issues, thought I could see things ahead of time(wtf),couldn’t drive at nite,ringing,etc They got really weird about the whole thing and never charged me or .

And trivia is back again, so bring some pals, form a team, and try to win tickets to BookCon ! Buy tickets Presentations-only doors at 8pm, starts at 8: Buy tickets Back to the Lectures at-hand: As the dinosaurs learned the hard way, large Earth-asteroid collisions can really foul things up. Fortunately, NASA and its international collaborators are on it. This presentation describes plans for destroying or otherwise affecting an Earthbound asteroid before it destroys us.

The plans include kinetic impactors, pulsed lasers, mass drivers, gravity tractors, focused solar, the enhanced Yarkovsky, and good old nuclear weapons. What if you had the opportunity to build a city from scratch? You have unlimited funds, four years and a remote stretch of uninhabited tropical savannah.


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Buy tickets / Join the guestlist for Nerd Nite Speed-Dating At The North Door! at The North Door ( Brushy), Wed 10 October Buy tickets for Nerd Nite Speed-Dating At The North Door! at The North Door ( Brushy), Wed 10 October – OVERVIEW: Want to meet someone smart and fun?

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Faren Rajkumar Leave a comment Associate psychology professor Leanne Boucher is a self-proclaimed nerd and brain fanatic. She studies and teaches about this complex organ both at NSU and in her spare time, keeping her passion for learning alive every day. She first became fascinated with psychology and experimental behavioral neuroscience during her undergraduate studies at Brandeis University in Boston, where she took a course on sensation and perception. I thought that it was so cool and I wanted to figure out how it worked.

Fri Oct 24 Nerd Nite Block Party The area surrounding Folsom Street Foundry, SF turns into a block party with nerd speed dating, how it’s made field trips, gaming, and a concert with space-themed music, chip-tunes, and physics demos.

After their boat crashes on some rocks during a sudden storm, Paul Ezra Gordon and girlfriend Barbara Raquel Merono manage to make it by raft to the tiny fishing village of Imboca. Paul charters a fishing boat to go back to his boat to rescue his friends while Barbara goes off with the local priest to get the police. When Paul gets to his boat, he finds his friends missing and when he gets back to shore he finds that Barbara has also gone missing. The residents of Imboca start pursuing Paul as he starts to realize that these are not normal people.

They are a misshapen, deformed lot, with tentacles for hands, gills on their necks and sunken, bulging eyes. While Paul is hiding from these mutants, he meets the town drunk Francisco Rabal in his final performance , the last human resident alive in Imboca.

1000 Ways to Die

Everyone will be noting down which nerds they want to see again. Tickets are sold subject to the venue or promoter’s right to alter or vary the programme due to events or circumstances beyond its control without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets. Nerd Nite is not for profit and all proceeds go to charity. Organiser Nerd Nite Nerd Nite London is a monthly datinv where three speakers deliver a 21 minute talk about, well, pretty much anything, while the audience drinks along.

For more socially inclined nerds, speed dating, friend matching, and a curated pop-up library are also on offer. Lounge Doors at 6 p.m., main doors at 7 p.m., Talks start at p.m. (ish) No cover! Six Shooter Stand Up Comedy.

Browse our listings, or submit your own words to our site. Hey, look I’m P. Pompous Headed Dweeb-usually used to describe well educated people who are somehow still dumb,but also now conceited as well Example: Since Philip Graduated from Oxford he has bees such a P. A process too complicated to explain. How the atom can be split using a toaster and a household drill? Well, I’m afraid that’s a p2c2e. Pizza, as originated by a typo. Wow, I sure am hungry. Do you have any leftover p9zza in the fridge?

Someone who is faced with the menial, boring, time-wasting, painful.

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Mike Singleton These above gigs were the last dates of me using the Mel Welch pyro board. Below the new pyro board made by MPA showed up, thanks to the band agreeing with me that we needed it. I also never used those “flash cannons” again. Tim Singleton It is so cool to see these posts with my brother Michael sharing those past days. I don’t know what date they “BOC” all came to Atlanta before we saved the Fox Theater and I was introduced to the band as the little brother!

Matt Wasowski, founder of Nerd Nite (the social gathering/lecture for the intellectually cool and inebriated) attempts to give nerds the respect they deserve by getting.

Founding[ edit ] Founded by Hugh Henry Brackenridge as Pittsburgh Academy in , the University of Pittsburgh is one of the few universities and colleges established in the 18th century in the United States. It is the oldest continuously chartered institution of learning in the U. The school was named the Western University of Pennsylvania, or WUP, and was intended to be the western sister institution to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

By the s, the university faced severe financial pressure to abandon its traditional liberal education in favor of the state legislature’s desire for it to provide more vocational training. The decision to remain committed to liberal education nearly killed the university, but it persevered despite its abandonment by the city and state. Classes were temporarily held in Trinity Church until a new building was constructed on Duquesne Way on what was the site of the former Horne’s department store.

Only four years later, in , this building also was destroyed by fire. Due to the catastrophic nature of these fires, operations were suspended for a few years to allow the university time to regroup and rebuild. By , WUP had erected a new building on the corner of Ross and Diamond now Forbes Avenue streets site of the present day City-County building and classes resumed in It is during this era, in , that Samuel Pierpont Langley , astronomer, inventor, aviation pioneer and future Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution , was chosen as director of the Allegheny Observatory that was donated to WUP in Langley was professor of astronomy and physics and remained at WUP until , when he was succeeded by another prominent astronomer, James Keeler.

Growing quickly during this period, WUP outgrew its downtown facilities and the university moved its campus to Allegheny City present-day North Side. There, it constructed two new buildings, Science Hall and Main Hall, that were occupied by and respectively. During this era, the first collegiate football team was formed at Pitt in

Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick

Nov 17, 1: City singles are so frustrated with the local meet market that offbeat speed-dating parties are actually starting to look pretty good. Advertisement Take Tauren Hagans, 40, from Kingsbridge, who had one skeevy suitor who she met online stand her up on what would have been their first date. It was a blessing in disguise.

End dating comment lol Find this Pin and more on Thanks Words! by Johanna Rodriguez. One wishes to acquaint your facial features with a fundamental item used in building walls.

Nerd Nite 38 Are humans predetermined due to their genetics just like plants? Or does the environment molds us? Our first speaker of this Nerd Nite, Klaas Seinhorst, believes that genes cannot be the only answer when looking at the similarities and the evolution of our languages. He will present us a theory which, as it turns out, is working against a deep-rooted genetic idea used by linguists. With the pursuit of global food provision, he will show us how he can and must limit the immense amount of genomic data to obtain the ideal plants by not only considering biology but also time and money!

Time flies like an arrow: These are common things we need to learn for our language class. But have you ever wondered why unrelated languages seem to have a similar grammar structure? More precisely, it assumes that we are all born with a genetically specified language ability. But what if grammar evolved through necessity?

Nerd Nite Carnival!

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Jul 28,  · Speed-Dating is a quick way to meet a few new people who are interested in finding someone to date— maybe you! We reserve the right to cancel multiple ticket purchases if contact information for everyone involved is not provided in a timely fashion.

We hear again that Buffy burned down a school building in Los Angeles. Did you really burn down school property one time? The Rituals of High School: In previous episodes of Buffy several high school rituals made their appearance: In other words whoever loses will be expelled. Vampires have rituals too. Welcome to the Buffyverse: Spike is introduced for the first time in the Buffyverse with hard rock guitar driven music as he drives his car into the sign welcoming everyone to Sunnydale in the teaser.

Both the music we hear when Spike arrives and the clothes Spike wears give insight into his character. They, he implies, are lying. We learn that Dru is a visionary.

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