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Consistently ranked as a favorite among beachgoers, the coast along the Gulf of Mexico is known for its white, sugar-sand beaches and calm emerald green waters. Access to the water is found in beach towns in Mississippi , Alabama , Texas , and Florida , and each one offers a unique experience to its guests. Here are the best gulf coast beaches. The water here is crystal clear and quite shallow, making it ideal for the little ones. The town is known for offering many water sports such as parasailing, waverunner rides, and kayaking, but the seven-mile coastline here is also great for a day of lounging on the sand. Fort Myers retains its small-town charm, with cottages and one-story beachfront properties dominating the rental scene. Beyond the beach, visitors also enjoy Lovers State Park, a marshy nature reserve and popular spot for biking and hiking. Beyond gambling, there are many outdoor and family-friendly activities in and around Biloxi, including boat charters, fishing, shopping, museums, and seaside classics like miniature golf and amusement parks. The region is also home to famous landmarks, like the Biloxi Lighthouse and Ship Island, an island 12 miles off the coast that not only serves as the site of historic Fort Massachusetts, but also has some of the loveliest beaches around. Bonita Springs contains several beaches, some of which are Florida state parks.


Great Raan of Kutch Khijadia bird Sanctuary Planning your Bird Trip Your Birding itinerary depends upon your interests, the duration of the planned trip, and other matters such as your budget. We feel the best way to finalize your itinerary is to first check out the iternary page to decide what you want. Thereafter together, via e-mail, we can formulate your trip plan. Oct to March For Himalayan region other than Ladakh:

Anguilla – Nature’s Best Kept Secret “Tranquility Wrapped in Blue” is the tag line long attributed to Anguilla, British West Indies. This 35 square mile British Overseas Dependent Territory is the northern-most island of the Lesser Antilles chain.

The Catlins is a rugged, sparsely populated area, noted for its scenic coastal landscape and its dense temperate rainforest, both of which are home to many endangered New Zealand birds. Its exposed location leads to its frequent wild weather and heavy ocean swells, which are an attraction to big-wave surfers. The road crosses ridges and valleys close to the coast and passes through large tracts of native forest.

Views are gained over rocky headlands, sandy bays and bush fringed estuaries. There are many short forest walks to beaches, streams, lakes, waterfalls, caves and blow holes. Penguins, seals and dolphins are likely to be encountered, as well as forest birds, seabirds and waders. History Maori have a long association with the region and kaika or seasonal camps were dotted along the coast line, most notably at Papatowai.

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History[ edit ] Retford gained its first charter in , when Henry III granted the right for a fair, this was later extended to holding a Saturday Market by Edward I in It was reformed by the Municipal Corporations Act , and then remained a municipal borough until when it was merged into Bassetlaw district. Its civic traditions are maintained by Charter Trustees. The origins of its name are unknown and have been subject to much debate, but consensus seems to conclude that it gets its name from an ancient ford crossing the River Idle.

It was originally named Redforde because the river water was tinged red due to the red clay river bed and frequent crossing of people and livestock disturbing the clay river bed. This was known as West Retforth.

kchi villages–sites dating back years, now aban- doned but priceless in their archaeological treasures. Known as Beringia, it’s a birding and ornithology in what was the Soviet Union. By MalcomAbrams. 32 INTRODUCING THE ART OF NIKOLAI KONDAKOV American Birds is proud.

Western Spindalis Other species of interest include: The Bird Survey Areas Our Cuba Bird Survey begins in the forests surrounding Las Terrazas Community, established in as a re-forestation and community integrated development project. We will explore an area common to both ranges in search of western range endemic species such as the Cuban Solitaire. A highlight of the trip, we will visit the magical, unusually beautiful karstic landscape of mogotes — the towering, lushly vegetated, flat-top limestone monoliths that dominate the Organos Mountains.

This peninsula is a Ramsar Convention international conservation treaty designated site, and is among the most important wetlands in the West Indies. Here, the best local guides will lead us through protected areas in Cienaga de Zapata National Park and other natural sites off the beaten track. The Zapata Peninsula covers more than square miles and features easily accessible, everglades-like ecology and habitat.

Framed by the pristine Caribbean coastal environment of the Bay of Pigs, the peninsula features vast open swamp land, low coastal forests, sparkling white sand beaches, healthy and accessible coral reefs, and refreshing natural limestone pools called cenotes. Steve Bird , Bare-legged Owl, Tawny- shouldered and Red-shouldered Blackbird are among the many birds we will hope to find 3 nights.

Best Birding Hot Spots in Southern Arizona!

Finding good sites to go birding in Thailand is easy in the “Locations” section with all the information needed to visit each site independently or if you prefer expert guided assistance in order to save time and see more species then that can be arranged for you too, please ask for deatils. Each birding location has its own species checklist available and there are a collection of trip reports to browse through for further information as well as links to blog postings related to each location.

Thaibirding also contains a collection of ornithological papers specifically relating to species recorded in Thailand as well as other birding related articles and book reviews. Contributions of photos, trip reports, observations, articles or maps are welcomed as are suggestions for improvements. Extended tours result in more sightings.

KZN, particularly the midlands and the Drakensberg Mountains, offer some of the most diverse yet unique birding in Southern Africa. One of the main reasons for this is the sharp change in altitude from 0 to meters above sea level over just kilometres.

The farmstead and guest cottages nestle deep in the slopes of a depression carved into the bedrock by ancient rivers in pre-historic times. The surrounding rock formations and rich fossil beds on the farm bear testimony to the events that contributed to the formation of this vast and beautiful land. The Accommodation at Ganora Guest Farm offers 3 star accommodation with various options and is highly recommended by the AA. Please visit our accommodation pages for more details.

Since it is located just 7km outside Nieu-Bethesda, Ganora’s accommodation is ideal for visitors to the town and the region. The original farmstead and outbuildings, dating back to the mid ‘s, have been converted into guest accommodation. The stone packed “kraal” wall that once surrounded the farmyard, today forms part of some of the guest cottage interiors, allowing visitors the rare pleasure of interacting with the past. Farm owners Jan-Peet and Hester are involved in a game rehabilitation program.

The result is that orphaned game often make the farm yard their home, allowing visitors the opportunity to make close contact. The farm museum has an extensive fossil collection, including rare examples found nowhere else in the country. The farm also boasts various sites with well-preserved rock paintings and engravings.

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Easy Sicily is uniquely located between Europe and Africa, a logical way station for spring and autumn passage migrants. It’s also a vagrant trap and a place where many birds with African afinities nest. Our mid May birding tour features numerous Palearctic migrants, the famous raptor migration through the Strait of Messina, and a nice combination of breeding species that are only present from May-August.

In addition to birding, it features Greek ruins, Norman castles, and the artwork of medieval cathedrals along with absolutely superb scenery and cuisine.

Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area is managed by SCDNR and was opened to the public in the Summer of The property is 4, acres and is a mix of pine and hardwood forest, agricultural fields, coastal wetlands, and a barrier island.

Accommodation in twin sharing room, bird guide, all land transportation. Not Included in Price: This is home to all 10 species of Malaysian Hornbills. We will be primarily using the best resort on the Temengor lake and its fastest and safest boats to track down and observe all of its precious hornbills. For about 3 months in the year August to October , the globally threatened Plain-pouched Hornbills make an appearance in flocks of thousands in this forest complex from Thailand, a phenomenon occurring nowhere else in the world.

The highest count of Plain-pouched is currently over 2, birds. The occurrence of interesting wildlife such as Asian Elephants and unique indigenous community makes this site a must-see for birders. Almost all the different hornbills species with the exception of the Plain-pouched Hornbill have been recorded by our guides and other independent birders here.

We will be staying at hotels about 45 minutes away and driving and walking along its beautiful bird friendly and quiet lakeside roads.

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I update it as and when I have news to report and time to compile it. Any opinions and interpretations expressed should in general be taken as mine, and not officially those of the LPO itself. For more details about the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, its activities and publications, please see http:

A bird flies overhead as many people flocked together to see as many kinds of birds as they could see and identify at the Lyndhurst Park Birding Fest on Saturday.

There are several walking trails around Brinchang, Blue valley and Tanah Rata. A peat swamp and lowland forest birding spot. Tasik Bera classified as the largest natural lake in Malaysia is dominated by pandanus shrub. It is situated in the saddle of the main and eastern mountain ranges of the Peninsula and is approximately 35km long and 20km wide. Tasik Bera has remained a unique and remote wetland wilderness, which is surrounded by a patchwork of dry lowland forests.

The area is important as a prime example of freshwater swamp habitat and blackwater lacustrine ecosystem, supporting a high biodiversity. Bera Lake is a sanctuary for species of flora, bird species, 50 mammals, and more than 95 species of fishes. Tasik Chini, Pahang Tasik Chini is one of the only two natural lakes in Peninsula Malaysia, both of which are located in the state of Pahang. Located approximately km from Kuantan town, the capital of Pahang, Chini is a lake that was formed from the natural damming of a river valley.

Earnest bird watchers will be happy to know that over species of birds were recorded. Chini is a premier bird watching destination in Peninsula Malaysia.


If you’ve been curious about birding but aren’t sure where or how to start, now is your time. It’s never been a more accessible or popular pastime. And birding is no longer just a retired person’s leisurely hobby.

After final morning birding in Pangbang, We head back to Zhemgang today, birding many sites on the way; looking for species we might have missed earlier on our way to Pangbang, today we’ll also have many photography opportunities along the way, stopping at famous and beautiful twin waterfall.

The birdlife in Ka’Ingo Private Reserve is prolific; it is a birdwatchers paradise. Reviews “Best SA bush experience yet! We had an amazing ranger guiding us on our 4 game drives over our 2 night stay, and no 2 drives were the same. It was a highly educational experience for us as game lovers, and the cherry on top was that we got to see a lion killing a wildebeest. Incredible experience, would definitely recommend Kaingo for the ultimate bushveld getaway!

What sets it apart is the green garden that is fenced off at the lodge. It feels like the garden of Eden. The accommodation, food and game drives were excellent. The owners are serious about conservation and you can see it in the way the protect the field. The Buffalo and Sables were something special. We accompanied a group of Danish visitors to Ka’Ingo for a one night stay recently. In that short time we were spoiled by an attentive and knowledgeable crew.

Jacques, Danielle, Dumisani, Kgomotso, Gerhard, Anna and all the staff – made us feel welcome and served and fed us very well. The game drives with Jacques and Dumisani were great!

Nikon D500 Nikkor 200-500 – Best Bird / Wildlife Photography Experience To Date